Eleri – in search of an estuary

Walking a track where a river once ran, searching by ditches and reedy channels for clues, looking at old maps and trying to match them to the modern terrain – mapped and terrestrial – of field and hedge looking so natural but shaped, I know, because a river once ran here and doesn’t now. I’ve followed that river from source streams to sea, backwards and forwards, stood by her waters cascading through rock, winding through meadows, gushing through a gorge thick with trees and on to this place where the winding banks give way to a straight channel into another river estuary washed by the sea.


The river is Eleri which I have written about elsewhere. Here is my quest to map the lost course of the last mile or so of her meandering since her waters were diverted to drain the edges of Borth Bog.

It will be a Devotional Diary, not in any formal sense but as a record of what I have undertaken to do for her.

An Historical Survey of the Diversion and Draining of the Bog HERE

An Exploration on the Ground of the now largely hidden course of Eleri to her Original Estuary HERE

An Account of an Exploration Further Upstream HERE

A Devotional Verse is HERE